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Our Service include:

  • Air System Balancing
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Full system checks on Dampers and Grills


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High quality Commercial and Domestic Ventilation installation from GHS, a business you can depend on for the install and service of ventilation systems.

Heat Recovery Systems for Domestic and Commercial

These HRV systems extract the damp moisture trapped in air and stale odours from the room and replaces it with clean, tempered, fresh air. They are also a very economical way of maintaining temperature in your home or workplace.

Boiler Installations
Heating Services - Gas Fire

Positive Input Ventilation

Used mainly in the domestic or office environment, this system provides clean fresh air at a continuous rate, which pushes the stale air out of the room, usually though passive extract grills.

Extract Ventilation

Used both in the Industrial and Domestic markets, these fans can service any room or environment from a bathroom shower extract, right up to large kitchen extract systems and factory roof ventilation.