Recommend a friend

You can recommend a friend for one of the following:

  • Boiler installation - worth £30 M&S vouchers
  • Bathroom installation - worth £20 M&S vouchers
  • 3 Boiler Services - worth £10 M&S vouchers


Simply complete the form on the right hand side, recommending your friend for one of our services. We will contact your friend and once the work has been completed and paid for, you'll receive your vouchers.

Terms and Conditions for recommend a friend

  • You have been a customer of GHS in the past 6 months
  • The vouchers will be sent to you once work is paid in full
  • Your recommendation must have the work completed within 6 months of the form submission
  • Your recommendation needs to live within a 10 mile radius of Fareham



Recommend a Friend Request Form
  • Your Name*
  • Your Email*
  • Friend's Name*Your recommendation
  • Friend's Phone*main phone
  • Job Type*